Molecule Design - Interactive Table

For use on medical conferences we created a "Design a Molecule" game/challenge to drive discussion and awareness about the specific drug. The game involves 7 3D printed cubes that represented 7 steps in the design/manufacturing process of the molecule. Each cube has 3 sides that represent choices, when placing a cube on the interactive table the choice is highlighted on the table and the big screen above the table. Each subsequent cube placed on the table creates connections between the cubes and based on the correctness of the choice the connection is stronger or weaker. The interactive table itself is a screen that shows graphics based on the cubes and can be interacted with to get more info. Above the table a large multiscreen is showing a camera feed of the table along with the choices that have been selected.

    My involvement

  • Production lead
  • Technical expert
  • Unity development



  • Ideum touch table
  • Unity
  • 3D printing
  • TCP/UDP networking