Smukfest AR Experience

For the 40 year anniversary of Smukfest (one of Denmarks premier music festivals) we created an AR welcoming experience. Every attendee to the festival recieves their festival armband beforehand in a small custom box. This box directs the user to download the AR app and point the camera at the box which acts as an AR marker. The AR experience is made to fit to the size of the box and shows a small world with elements familiar to the festival. The mascot of the festival "Walther" is the main actor in the AR experience, he will walk around and do miscellaneous gestures and when the user interacts with him he will go into a celebration with confetti and a countdown to the start of the festival.

    My involvement

  • Production lead
  • Implementation
  • Unity development



  • Unity
  • Lightweight Render Pipeline
  • Shader Graph
  • Vuforia for cross platform AR