Music visualization for live stream

A small project creating an idle screen for live streaming that reacts to the music being played. The app analyzes the sound from a "What You Hear" source or similar. Using FFT the sound frequencies are broken up into a spectrum, this is then further broken up or combined and used raw or smoothed for different visual effects. A 2D avatar is used and augmented with 3D reflections using reflection probes, the Visual Effect Graph is also used to create a high density of particles. The app is developed so that other visual effects would be easy to add in the future. As of now the app runs on the desktop, but in the future, when streaming software support is better, it will be moved to the browser using WebGL.

    My involvement

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Unity development



  • Unity
  • Lightweight Render Pipeline
  • Visual Effect Graph
  • 3D Studio Max