Ghosts of Tabor - VR Multiplayer Game

Hired by Combat Waffle Studios to help fix and optimize the backend for their VR multiplayer game Ghosts of Tabor. First task was to take over the development of their backend and refactor it to make it secure, performant and cost effective. Due to a huge spike in success their current backend was overloaded and costing them a lot of money. I redesigned the whole system and implemented it, reducing database and processing costs as well as reducing response times and eliminating cheating related to the backend. I kept supporting the backend
development for almost a year with new features, refactors and onboarding other backend developers.

    My involvement

  • Backend development
  • System architecture




  • Azure Cloud Functions (durable functions)
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Git