BeautyVision - 3D Face Editing

As co-founder of BeautyVision my businesspartner and I set out to create a tool, for users who are considering getting cosmetic treatments, to help them make the right decision. Using the newest technologies in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence we augment the users face in real time to show them how different procedures will look. Users can easily see the change and assess if they like the result, share the result with friends for feedback or even use it when consulting with clinicians.

Using advanced shader graphs we are modifying the face both in 3D and screen space based on the selected effects. With a robust foundation for tracking and shader logic we can easily expand the app with more effects  and adjust performance/quality based on our needs.

The app features full user authentication, profiles, achievements and analytics as well as retention tools for push and in-app messages. Powered by Google Firebase, we use this for all our user management and for A/B testing of features, campaigns and for analytics reports.

The app is live and available on Apple and Google app stores for free.

    My involvement

  • Head of Product & Development
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Unity Development
  • Firebase setup and development


  • Unity
  • Universal Render Pipeline
  • Shader Graph
  • ARFoundation and other third party AR libraries
  • Google Firebase